Book 1 is my interview with ChatGPT on “The Industry Disrupters: The People and Ideas That Transformed Our World”. ChatGPT made a list of ten examples, including “Jobs & Amazon, Zuckerberg & Facebook, Gates & Microsoft, etc.

I asked ChatGPT a number of biographical questions, such as “What are their favorite books, their work history, their favorite foods, and how do those things reflect who they are and their success?” Then, we made the conjecture that each “Industry Disrupter” is a paradigm shift, a platform that integrated a plethora of information to formulate a quantum improvement in the customer experience.

ChatGPT provides a superlative explanation of the technologies that make the “Industry Disrupters” possible. Furthermore, ChatGPT identifies and expounds new technologies, such as artificial reality, 3D printing, and 5G networks, which may emerge to create a new platform that would integrate these technologies to deliver a new paradigm of experience tailored to each user. This is possibly the first step towards the emerging Digi-Sphere.

If you want a good introduction to new technologies, then order “The Industry Disrupters: The People and Ideas That Transformed Our World” as an individual publication.

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