Curtis Lynch

About The Author

Meet Curtis Lynch, an inspiring author and alumnus of Columbia University who brings a unique blend of philosophy (Logical Positivism) and Sanskrit/Classical Chinese to his diverse expertise. Lynch has an extensive background, including an MBA and roles like cryptoanalyst at NSA, Brand Manager at P&G/B-M, and Fortune 500 Strategic Consultant for Deloitte. He has cultivated an insightful understanding of the human experience.

Curtis Lynch’s extensive knowledge and skills are clearly demonstrated in the range of projects he has worked on. He empowers everyone to make their voices heard by leading transformative systems such as Common Good Corporate Governance (CGCG) and pioneering Choice & Consent Voting (CCV). His Capitated In-Home ElderCare initiative provides personalized care to those in need, which shows his dedication to compassion.

Other exceptional endeavors by Curtis Lynch include:

  • Chinese Philosophy Through Chinese Characters: An immersive fusion of ancient wisdom and modern insights.
  • Big History as a Strange Attractor: An exploration of time, existence, and historical marvels.

This is just the beginning, as Lynch is crafting a ballet film that portrays a delicate topic: toxic masculinity and societal norms. As a writer, his venture concerns the emergence of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The journey of Curtis Lynch is a testament to the blend of scholarship, innovation, and commitment to reshaping the world into a brighter future.

Curtis Lynch