Book 2 is my interview with ChatGPT on “Increasing Resonance: Your Guide to Enduring Vitality”. We explore the most profound questions: What is life? What are the conditions for survival?

Life is antientropic; it is a self-organizing catalytic process—a form of resonance. The essential condition for survival among individuals is the common good.

Individual vitality can be strengthened by meditation using brainwave-entraining mandalas and an essential micronutrient nutrition supplement. Group vitality can be strengthened by promoting the common good within the family and community. ChatGPT covers these relationships comprehensively.

We are part of the biosphere. There is an emerging Digi-Sphere in which we can garner great benefit by establishing a common good. In all cases, the guide to enduring vitality with the individual, family, community, and the Digi-Sphere is a sense of increasing resonance within each realm.

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