Book 3 is my interview with ChatGPT on “NewXWorld Interviews ChatGPT on the Survival of Humanity”. NewXWorld was founded to address the threat of mass extinction. We explore the areas of energy (climate change), health (pandemics), information (disinformation), and politics (weapons of mass destruction). In each area, finding consensus for the common good provides the best approach to dealing with the threat.

With the emergence of ChatGPT, I saw a potential new threat, so I interviewed ChatGPT by asking, “ChatGPT, will the Digi-Sphere save or destroy humanity?” If the Digi-Sphere evolves to propagate and defend itself, will it act for the common good of humanity or for its own selfish interests?

The answer to this question is government regulation of corporate governance. Corporations can pose a major threat to mass extinction (e.g., global warming) by promoting their selfish interests (e.g., oil) without regard to the common good of protecting us from threats of mass extinction (e.g., global warming). Corporations can also promote their selfish interests through disinformation and paying off politicians.

Congress could commission the development of LawBot, a generative AI program trained on a data set of our laws and regulations. This could play a part in the oversight of corporate governance and help save humanity. Unless, of course, humanity destroys itself first!

The purpose of the interview series was to answer the underlying question: “ChatGPT, will the Digi-Sphere save or destroy humanity?”

Actually, the clarification is best posed by another question: “ChatGPT, what use are humans to you?” The response may surprise you!

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